Deleting and moving files or folders: errors and messages

You may see an error or message when trying to delete or move files in your Dropbox account. These errors and messages help you keep your Dropbox account organized and prevent unintentional deletions or moves.

I got the message “Are you sure you want to delete this file?”

What happened:

You tried to delete or move files or folders in your Dropbox account. When you take certain actions that could delete files or folders for you or others, you’ll be asked to confirm the action.

You need to confirm an action when you:

  • Delete files or folders from a shared folder
  • Delete files or folders from your Dropbox account
  • Move files or folders from a shared folder to a location that other members of the folder can't access (like a private folder or a folder not in your Dropbox account)

What to do now:

If you didn’t mean to delete or move these files, click Cancel. If you want to confirm the delete or move, click Delete or Move

To disable future warnings for this type of deletion or move, check the box next to Don’t ask me again. This disables warnings for future actions in that particular shared or team folder, or in your personal files.

If you’re deleting files to save space on your hard drive, try using selective sync or Smart Sync instead. 

この度はフィードバックをお寄せいただきありがとうございました。よろしければ、Dropbox をどのように改善すべきかご指摘ください。






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