What if dropbox.com fails to load, or loads incorrectly?

If dropbox.com fails to load in your web browser, or if it partially loads or shows other errors, you're likely encountering a browser issue.

How do I know if the problem I'm having is due to browser issues?

Below is a list of some of the ways that browser issues can affect your usage of dropbox.com:

  • Web features
    • You're not able to print a receipt
    • Your files or folders aren't appearing in the correct locations
    • The search bar isn't working
  • Error messages
    • You're seeing an Error 404 message
    • You're seeing a message that says There was a problem completing this request
  • Loading issues
    • The browser window-loading wheel won't stop spinning

What can I do to resolve browser issues?

If you're encountering any of the above issues, or something else you suspect is related to your web browser, it's important to know that these are not issues with dropbox.com. To resolve them, try the following:

  • Signing in to dropbox.com using a different web browser (like Apple Safari, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox)
  • Clearing your browser's cache
  • Restoring your browser to its default settings (issues may be caused by a security setting that you have set on your browser)
  • Disabling any browser plugins (issues may be caused by a plugin that you have installed on your browser)

Note: If the issue is caused by a browser plugin, you can try using the incognito or private browsing mode to eliminate the problem:

I've tried everything, but I'm still having an issue with dropbox.com

If you've tried each of the troubleshooting steps above and you're still having an issue with dropbox.com, you may need additional help. To get additional help:

  1. If you haven't yet done so, submit a ticket.
  2. If you submitted a ticket, and then arrived at this article via an automated email response from us, reply to that email.
    • Note: be sure to let us know that you've tried each of the steps listed in this article, including trying multiple web browsers and clearing your cache

We'll then do our best to assist. However, please note that the vast majority of issues with dropbox.com are solved by trying one or more of the suggestions in this article.

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