“Unicorn” company GrabTaxi is pioneering transportation mobility in Southeast Asia, using Dropbox for Business to support collaboration across its mobile workforce.

GrabTaxi's Key Results

Improved collaboration and mobility

Elimination of version control issues

Increased security over file access and sharing

The Challenge

Growing from startup to superstar

As one of Southeast Asia’s only homegrown, billion-dollar “unicorn” startup companies, GrabTaxi has a whole lot riding on its success. Since its 2012 launch, the business has grown to accommodate 10 bookings per second throughout Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Jakarta, the Philippines, and Vietnam. One key to the company’s growth has been effective communication and marketing across the regions it serves. However, its distributed employee base didn’t always have an easy time collaborating and sharing files. Processes were fragmented across different solutions, security was a concern, and file versions were difficult to control. As more employees began turning to Dropbox, it became clear that Dropbox Business could solve GrabTaxi’s troubles. Chief of Staff Benety Liew explains, “If you’ve used Dropbox, you know how easy it is to figure out, so there was no resistance to setting up Dropbox Business within the company.”

“Our ultimate vision as a team is to pioneer public transportation mobility for all. Having the right solution in place such as Dropbox Business allows for secure collaboration across our teams in Southeast Asia and it helps us with the journey towards our vision.”

The Solution

Fast-tracking continued growth

Now Dropbox Business gives distributed teams a fast, efficient way to collaborate with local brands and marketing agencies — helping to facilitate GrabTaxi’s continued growth. Issues around version control and file-size limits have disappeared. According to VP of Data and Growth, Kevin Lee, “Our marketers are constantly sharing large media files with external partners, and it’s so helpful to not have to worry about size restrictions. Dropbox Business has really helped reduce sharing friction, while enhancing our level of security.” Though GrabTaxi has always been concerned with the security of its shared content, it wasn’t always able to enforce access control policies. With Dropbox Business, the company can ensure that files are shared safely. Lee says, “It used to be that if I sent a file via email, I’d have no control over the data after it left my hands. But now I can decide who can view it and who can edit it, and set those access limits.” In addition to tightening file security, Dropbox Business has also enhanced GrabTaxi’s workforce mobility. “We’ve always relied heavily on mobile devices,” states Lee. “But Dropbox Business has really improved our ability to stay productive on the go.”

“We use a lot of sharing controls. It used to be that if I sent a file via email, I’d have no control over the data after it left my hands. But now I can decide who can view it and who can edit it, and set those access limits. Dropbox Business has been so critical in giving us the assurance that our data is safe.”

The Results

An engine built for scaling

As part of GrabTaxi’s commitment to innovation and growth, it has set up a $100 million R&D center in Singapore — where researchers rely on Dropbox Business to share and store data. This is just one more example of how Dropbox Business is helping support the company’s success. As Lee attests, “There will always be bottlenecks to growth. But tools like Dropbox Business help us eliminate those and make processes more efficient so we can scale our business better.”