European taxi-hailing app uses Dropbox Business to streamline the design process and improve time to market for new ideas

Mytaxi's Key Results

Streamlined design process

Reduced administrative work

Improved time to market

The challenge

Merging two International brands into one global business

Imagine you’re part of a marketing team inside a large international business. Now imagine you must merge with another large international business. Finally, imagine you need to complete the rebrand, redesign, localisation and get your new look shipped in just 16 weeks, with a relatively small marketing team. That was the challenge facing mytaxi after its acquisition of Hailo.

The rebrand involved major stakeholders from 11 key territories across Europe, design agencies, development teams, and it all demanded seamless collaboration. Having used Dropbox Business for a year, Dropbox Paper was chosen as the primary collaboration tool for the rebrand to ensure teams in every country were on time, in budget and informed at every stage of the project.


“Dropbox Business isn’t just a tool, it’s more like the whole process for the business. Without it, we would never have been able to coordinate such a huge project and it is fuelling the future of mytaxi as well by enabling us to work together and communicate effortlessly from anywhere.”

The solution

Creating new workflows to speed up the rebrand process

The integration of tools like Slack, Framer and Sketch with Dropbox Paper gave mytaxi a central location to view all aspects of the rebrand and understand next steps more clearly. “We put everything we ever thought of in it and communicated directly with our developers inside Dropbox Paper,” says Alin Meceanue. “We then integrated it with Trello to track the progress of projects. It made everyone happy and I often wonder how we did anything without it.”

Rapid deployment of the solution and its integration into other core applications meant adoption was simple too. With two development teams working from Hamburg and Barcelona on rebrand assets, collaboration and communication was made simple. “We weren’t just changing one feature, but every aspect of the app for each region,” says Alin. “Working with all the different stakeholders meant we were dealing with vast quantities of feedback. Using Dropbox meant we could easily keep on top of it all and hit our deadline.”

“Dropbox Paper is by far the easiest way we have found to work together so far. We do everything in Paper. We communicate through the platform. We run meetings from the platform. Everyone is busy with their own work so it makes sense to create a single place to find out what you need to do.”

The results

Eliminating rework and improving time to market

Using Dropbox Business mytaxi’s marketing and design teams were able to design all assets, localise the content for 11 markets, and speed up time to market for the rebrand, despite being in different countries.

The new work stream, which integrated with mytaxi’s existing tools, gave employees a central location to share ideas, view project updates, understand next steps and communicate in real time. A workflow that according to Alin, “eradicated duplicated work and reduced time spent on admin by as much as 80%.”