The teams behind Scriptura Engage put Dropbox Business at the center of their communication—even using a connector API to integrate it into customer correspondence.

Scriptura Engage's Key Results

Efficient collaboration across teams

Greater productivity among remote workers

An API integration with the company's software

The Challenge

The need for speed and clarity

Developed by the Belgian firm Inventive Designers, Scriptura Engage is a multichannel communications software product built to help businesses interact more effectively with customers. Though the software enables communication for major organizations such as banks, telecom providers, and government agencies, the teams behind Scriptura Engage were struggling to communicate with one another — thanks to slow VPN connections and file version control issues. CEO/CTO Klaas Bals recalls, “Working remotely was an issue. Tracking down correct file copies was a problem. It was a mess.” The company needed a fix that would work across its departments and computing environment that included a mix of PCs, Macs, and iOS and Android devices. In Dropbox Business, it found the solution. Bals explains, “Dropbox Business allows us to organize, synchronize, and make files available in the cloud in such a simple way. No one else has figured out how to do this as well as Dropbox. It just works.”

“With Dropbox Business, we no longer waste time. Files are up-to-date all the time; there’s no double work needing to be done; we don’t limit productivity because people can’t find what they need.”

The Solution

Staying connected and more productive

Once in place, Dropbox Business became a tool that each Scriptura Engage department could customize to its specific needs. The sales team now relies on Dropbox to collaborate on proposals; the professional services division counts on it to connect them with files during on-site client visits; and Bals himself uses it to monitor the company’s financial performance. “Our financial KPIs are updated every Friday, and during the weekend — anywhere I am with my cell phone — I can access them through Dropbox Business and figure out what actions we need to take the following week to work on certain parts of the business,” Bals notes. Scriptura Engage teams have found Dropbox Business particularly helpful because of its integration with Microsoft Office. “We’re heavy Microsoft Office users,” adds Bals. “The fact that we can work in it through Dropbox Business — on our mobile devices, no less — allows us to go from just consulting information to staying really productive.”

“Organizations should support their people by providing them with tools that make them more productive. If they’re already using Dropbox, it’s wise to empower them to use it to do their jobs better.”

The Results

Taking communication to a new level

The time savings and increased productivity Dropbox Business has sparked for Scriptura Engage has helped strengthen teams’ focus on client relations and product innovation — even inspiring the company’s developers to build a Dropbox API for the Scriptura Engage software. “We liked the idea of telecom or utility providers being able to drop invoices or customer communications onto Dropbox, to reduce paperwork,” explains Bals. “So we created a connector with our product to encourage this behavior among our clients.” Dropbox Business has helped the company streamline its own workflows and communication, and now it’s helping to add a new dimension of capabilities to the Scriptura Engage product.