Dropbox Business saves Smartcom:tv time and money, with smarter, smoother production workflows and increased flexibility.

Smartcom:tv, a production house

Smartcom:tv's Key Results

Huge production files are easily updated and stored

Faster file-sharing with freelancers and clients

Tighter security over classified client files

The Challenge

A technology evolution

As a full service production house for corporate TV and video creation, Smartcom:tv produces everything from marketing communications to interviews to news bulletins for clients throughout Norway. With some projects involving live streaming — such as real-time stock exchange announcements — production timelines can be very tight. Smartcom:tv needs to share huge files with freelance employees fast, and unfortunately the company’s antiquated servers weren’t keeping up. On top of that, as business grew, more and more servers were needed to meet storage demands. When the company decided to move locations, it saw an opportunity to leave the servers behind. As Chief Technology Officer Vegard Günther explains, “A lot of big operational questions came up around the cost to maintain and move the servers. It forced us to think about finding a better solution.”

The Solution

Producing smoother workflows

After a brief trial of a Citrix-based product its parent company adopted, Smartcom:tv decided to set up Dropbox Business — which offered the storage, speed, and file accessibility Smartcom:tv needed. Now, all projects start in a shared Dropbox folder, so files are always up to date and available to in-house and freelance staff. “Final Cut files can be 50 GB and because Dropbox Business allows us to work on them locally, there’s no more waiting for lengthy uploads and downloads,” says Günther. Because Dropbox Business allows people to work from anywhere, mobility and flexibility have greatly increased for Smartcom:tv’s staff. In addition, projects involving outside designers and freelancers have become much easier to manage. “We used to have to keep our PCs with us always,” states Günther. “With Dropbox Business, we can sit on our phones and read documents or log onto another workstation and keep working with a video project. It’s made a huge difference for us.”

The Results

Decreased spending, increased mobility

By moving away from on-site servers, Smartcom:tv has been able to cut costs in a few different areas. Instead of having to pay freelancers for travel time to and from the office, the company can let them work from home — reducing hours while making life easier on the workers themselves. According to Günther, moving to the cloud has also dramatically reduced IT spending. He says, “We replaced everything with cloud-based solutions like Dropbox Business, and have shaved 70% from our costs. In return, we get solid products that are reliable and much more flexible. It’s like a new world for us.”

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