Can I set file permissions for members of my shared folders?

You can give members of your shared folders one of three different sets of permissions:

  • Can edit: Any member you give this permission to can add, edit, or delete files in that folder
  • Can view: Any member you give this permission to can view the files in that folder, but nothing else

If you'd like to share a file or folder for people to view or download only, you can also send a link to that folder.

Setting file permissions on your computer

If you've used your computer's file manager to make a file read-only, please note that some permissions settings are incompatible between operating systems. For example, a file with read-only access on your Windows computer may not be protected on a Mac. Dropbox doesn't change a file's permissions when syncing, but we can't guarantee the permissions you set in one operating system will work properly when opened in another operating system.

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