Gelato Messina improves collaboration and productivity with Dropbox Business, helping the rapidly expanding company set a new gelato standard in Australia and other global locales.

Gelato Messina’s key results

Improved collaboration between operations and marketing

Faster sharing of information across locations

Centralised repository of key recipes and visual assets


Pairing creativity with efficiency

There’s no question that creativity is paramount at Gelato Messina, where 40 innovative choices include flavours such as “Apple Pie” and “Poached Figs in Marsala” – and special additions such as “Cremino” and “Pretzeled” are added to the gelato cabinets each week. However, keeping employees in the creative loop became a challenge as the company expanded beyond its first shop in Darlinghurst, Australia. “We struggled to collaborate with store managers as we were growing” says Content & Brand Manager, Siân Bishop. “They all needed the same information, but we didn’t have our files in one place. So it was a bit of a logistical nightmare.” Emails ferried information from one place to another, but it didn’t address the company’s need for a central file storage hub, and it created version control issues. Some Gelato Messina managers began using personal Dropbox accounts to share and store files, but that too posed challenges as storage limits were quickly reached.

“Sharing large files such as pictures is big for us, and uploading that kind of information to Dropbox Business is so much faster than with the other options out there.”


A more organised file offering

A move to Dropbox Business gave Gelato Messina the centralised storage space, and streamlined collaboration capabilities it needed – just in time for the company’s first international store opening in Las Vegas. Bishop says: “Life is much easier with Dropbox Business. Everyone at Messina now has immediate access to all of the right specials and signage – from store managers to head office staff. Everything is in one place and there’s no duplication of files.” Now, operations managers use Dropbox Business to log important company files. The head office saves event details and photos in Dropbox Business, and the marketing team stores every piece of promotional material there. According to company owner Declan Lee, even the Gelato Messina kitchen team relies on Dropbox. “The kitchen uses Dropbox Business to store recipes and keep track of flavours and batches. Instead of writing everything down, they fill out forms in a shared folder” he says. “It really helps everyone stay orderly and accountable.”

“Having Dropbox Business has made us realise just how much we needed a system like it in place. It’s made us more collaborative and organised, and we needed that to continue growing Gelato Messina.”


Dishing up consistency

By giving every store access to the same product and marketing materials on Dropbox Business, Gelato Messina has been able to ensure brand consistency and cohesive customer experiences across their growing number of shops. Productivity has also improved, as employees can retrieve the materials they need, fast. Collaboration, one of the driving forces behind Gelato Messina’s innovative products, has become much more seamless – particularly with time-saving features such as commenting. “Having Dropbox Business has made us realise just how much we needed a system like this in place” adds Lee. “It’s made us more collaborative and organised, and we needed that to continue growing Gelato Messina.”