The pharmacy retailer uses Dropbox Business to share business insights with operations and expansion managers across Brazil in real time, helping the company maintain its industry-leading position.

Raia Drogasil, a retailer

Raia Drogasil's key results

 Improved new store site selection process 

 Enhanced process for assessing existing store performance


 Enabled managers to make better decisions faster 



Seeking a better way for data sharing

Raia Drogasil rely heavily on technology to expand and operate their network of stores. This prescription for growth has turned the pharmacy chain into Latin America’s largest, with more than 1,200 outlets. But success has its challenges: with more stores, it became harder for the head office in São Paulo to speedily share key retail data with their managers. Raia Drogasil used USB drives and email attachments, making it impossible to update vital business insights in real time. “Our challenge has always been to provide information in a fast and accurate manner to our managers, to enable them to make decisions in their business environment” says Retail Planning Director, Bruno Pipponzi. “Information didn’t flow as fast as the market demanded”. To stay ahead in a highly competitive segment, Raia Drogasil knew it needed a more agile file-sharing platform. The company looked at several cloud solutions, but zeroed in on Dropbox Business after it realised that employees were already using personal Dropbox accounts for work. “Dropbox was the friendliest tool – simple and easy to learn” says Pipponzi.


Finding a healthier way to collaborate

With Dropbox Business, Raia Drogasil’s Retail Planning team, which is based at the head office, can instantly share maps, spreadsheets, reports and dashboards containing business information with all store managers across Brazil. As the solution works with all platforms, managers now pull up spreadsheets and other documents on their mobile devices. They’ve all but ditched their desktops, as they no longer have to be in the office to be productive. “Decision making happens right in the field in a faster, more responsive way” says Pipponzi. “That is a huge advantage for us”. Now that company data is centralised in Dropbox shared folders, members of the Retail Planning team can visit any store and access all financial and operational figures instantly. “It makes it easy for us to then talk to the store manager and provide management guidelines” Pipponzi says. Raia Drogasil’s expansion team relies on Dropbox Business, too. Employees use the service to share large geomarketing map files with those scouting the next successful store location. “Sharing these documents is only possible thanks to Dropbox” says Pipponzi. “Using the Dropbox platform was one of the main contributors to the noticeable improvement in our expansion”. Pipponzi says the company controls who has access to data using sharing permissions in the admin console. An operations manager in São Paulo has access to folders for all of the stores within their sector, whilst a regional manager can only see the individual folder containing the information for stores in their region. “This is what gives the process a high level of security” says Pipponzi.


Staying ahead in a competitive market

Dropbox Business equips Raia Drogasil employees with the data they need to make business decisions that keep the company on top, the company says. “We have to be prepared to face constant changes in the dynamics of the competition and in our business environment” says Pipponzi. “It is hard to imagine how we would manage current operations and expansion without a collaboration platform such as Dropbox Business”. The exchange of best practices happens more organically now that managers can easily share insights with their counterparts in other regions. “That’s what I believe Dropbox represents in terms of benefit” says Pipponzi. Using Dropbox Business to share up-to-the-minute analysis on potential property has noticeably improved the selection of new store locations, he adds. As a result of the refinement in the selection process, the sales performance of new stores has significantly improved over the last few quarters. This was only possible after location information was shared more easily by using Dropbox, says Pipponzi. “There is no doubt that Dropbox is a remarkable tool, with huge potential to add value to our retail operation”.

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