Reaktor use Dropbox Business to keep embedded teams connected and productive – so they can build the best software and apps for clients around the globe.

Reaktor's key results

Easier cross-team sharing of best practices

Expedited communication with customers

More reliable access to key files


Supporting an embedded workforce

With an army of 300 designers, architects, developers, analysts and coaches on the ground, Reaktor take innovation to the skies – developing software and apps for customers worldwide, including Finnair, Nokia and HBO. In addition to their standout products, part of what sets the company apart is a unique approach to client service. Their multi-functional teams work onsite with customers, allowing for fast execution of ideas and collection of feedback. “We have three physical offices but, with so many embedded teams, it’s more like we have forty offices” explains CTO Hannu Terävä. Although this remote way of working offers many advantages, it initially presented some difficulties for Reaktor. “The setup and administration of file servers, admin rights, VPNs and firewalls were definitely pain points for us” says Marketing and Communications Head, Ville Valtonen.

“The setup and administration of file servers, admin rights, VPNs and firewalls were definitely pain points for us. Everything changed when we moved to Dropbox Business.”


Making new ideas take flight

Moving to Dropbox Business offered Reaktor a simpler way to keep teams connected. Employees no longer had to copy files back and forth from the server or hunt for the latest versions, and file accessibility across time zones instantly became easier. Valtonen adds “You know a tool is good when you don’t even realise you’re using it. It just works. Dropbox Business is like tap water – you don’t think about where the water comes from, you just drink it. And, like water, we couldn’t live without it now.” Dropbox Business has become an integral part of Reaktor’s high-profile projects, like the end-to-end development of in-flight entertainment systems and mobile apps for Finnair. “We’re building entire systems from scratch” explains Valtonen. “For Finnair, we’re really thinking about how to redefine the experience of flying – and we couldn’t imagine working the way we do without Dropbox Business”.

“Dropbox Business delivers a new level of effortlessness and expeditiousness for Reaktor. It keeps all of the different parts of our network connected with the right materials.”


The keys to a culture of innovation

In addition to depending on Dropbox Business for undertakings such as the Finnair project, Reaktor employees also rely on it to share best practices with each other across projects and clients. Although the company is more than 300 people strong, it still tries to employ a start-up approach to collaboration and creativity. “We put a lot of effort into making this feel like a small company so we can maintain the culture here” Valtonen says. In the end, it’s all about working as smart as possible to deliver the most innovative, transformative technology solutions in the industry. “Dropbox Business helps us maintain a high level of productivity” Valtonen adds. “It helps us meet our ultimate metric of success, which is building products that allow our customers to be successful”.