Use Dropbox as an online file viewer

Dropbox makes it easy to preview, add comments and share 175+ file types

Open and view files – no extra software needed

Never again feel frustrated that you can’t open an unknown file extension. When you use Dropbox as a file viewer, you can view PDFs, comment on them and view, comment on and share numerous other file types, too – including .csv and .xlsx, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoints, Photoshop and Sketch files. 

You don’t have to buy the software or download anything. And even better: by using Dropbox as your file viewer, you can preview a wide variety of video files, audio files and text files from any device.

Preview large files using file viewer

Make comments on any file, from any device

Knowing you can work with so many file formats gives you greater freedom to to be more productive and collaborative with your team. Instantly view, open, and annotate PDF files, PSDs, Microsoft Word .doc and .docx files, multimedia files and more. Make comments directly on numerous file types files by using the Dropbox desktop and mobile apps.

Annotate any file from any device

Be more collaborative no matter where you are

Always see the big picture – whether you’re at the office or out and about. With Dropbox file viewer activity, you’re automatically notified when someone’s left a comment on one of your files, even if you haven’t been tagged specifically. Being updated in real time makes it easy to stay up to the minute with your team. 

View and markup PDFs on the go

Multitrack audio selection in previews

When a video requires several different languages or audio tracks, you can select between multiple tracks within a single video and preview as needed without downloading. You can also view and configure tracks in stereo and enable and disable audio components without leaving Dropbox. To use this feature, check out our Creative Tools Add-On, available for Dropbox Business Standard, Advanced, Enterprise and Education accounts.

Frequently asked questions

You can preview hundreds of file types with Dropbox, depending on whether you’re previewing a file on the web, your desktop, iPhone or Android. You can view .png, .gif, .tiff, .bmp., .jpg, .jpeg, .wav and .ogg audio files .mov and .mpg video files and .txt extensions as text files. For a comprehensive list, see all the files we support here.

You can use Dropbox as a file viewer across all Dropbox plans. However, currently, only Professional plans support the preview of .mxf and .dwg.

Standard, Advanced, Enterprise or Education accounts, plus the Creative Tools Add-On, your recipient can convert large files to a smaller size (think: huge .MXF video files into smaller H.264 versions). Now they can download even when they have slow connection, or if they’re in a situation where they have limited time or data.

In the event you may not want your recipient to download the file you send, you can give them  ‘view only’ only access to preview, but not download, the file. If you’re a Dropbox Professional or Business customer, you can set permissions on shared links. Keep in mind that Google Docs, Sheets and Slides allow edit access by default, but you can change the access to ‘view only’ when you create the link.

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