What file types can I preview in Dropbox?

You can sync any type of file to your Dropbox account. However, only certain file types can be previewed on dropbox.com and in the Dropbox mobile apps. You can search this article for a file type by pressing the the Control and keys, or Command and keys on your keyboard to see if you can preview or stream it in Dropbox. 

We update this article when we start supporting new file types, so check back occasionally to see the latest.

Note: If a preview doesn’t load, or doesn’t load correctly, you can download the file on dropbox.com or open it in another app on your phone or tablet.

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File types that preview as a document

















  • When you preview a .pdf file with multiple pages, a sidebar appears that you can use to navigate through the document.
  • If you see an error when trying to preview a .pdf file, you may have a default app set to open .pdf files. On Android, check in your Android settings to see the default app for opening .pdf files. To ensure that you can preview .pdf files in the Dropbox app, always choose Just once when asked which app to use to preview a .pdf file.

File types that preview as a presentation








When you preview .ppt and .pptx presentations, the preview has a sidebar that helps your navigate through your presentation. 

File types that preview as an image







































  • Only .sketch files created in Sketch version 43 or higher will preview on Dropbox.
  • Animated .gif files will only animate if the files is smaller than 5 MB. Larger files will just show the first frame of the .gif file.

File types that preview as a video























Note: Video codec created via GoToMeeting can be previewed.

File types that preview as audio






Note: Audio files don't preview on mobile web browsers. To listen to an audio file on your phone or tablet, use the Dropbox mobile app or download the file.

File types that form a link




File types that preview as text
































































File types that preview as an archive




When previewing an archive file, you can navigate through archive file structure and preview individual files within the archive. However, audio and video files in an archive file can’t be previewed and you can’t print individual files within an archive from dropbox.com.

Note: Comments, file activity, viewer info, and download options are only available at the top level of the archive.

File types that preview for Dropbox Professional and Business customers

If you're a Dropbox Professional customer, or a member of an Advanced or Enterprise Dropbox Business plan, you can also preview these file types:

  • .dwg: .dwg files preview as images
  • .mxf: .mxf files preview as videos

What are size limits for previews of common file types?

  • Word: 160 MB
  • Powerpoint: 288 MB
  • Excel: 40 MB
  • PDF: 500 MB
  • Image files: 50 MB or 50 megapixels
  • Photoshop and .tiff files: 200 MB
  • Text and code files: 4 MB
  • Video files: 18 GB (for the video thumbnail; the video preview itself does not have a size limit)
  • Adobe Illustrator: 256 MB
  • .ttf and .otf files: 32 MB
  • Animated .gif files will only animate if the files is smaller than 5 MB. Larger files will just show the first frame of the .gif file.

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