File types that preview on

There are many file types that can preview on We update this article when we start supporting new file types, so check back occasionally to see the latest.

Preview a file

You can preview a supported file on in two ways:

  • Click the name of the file.
  • Click the checkbox next to the file. Then click the viewer icon (an eye) that appears.

Note: It isn't possible to edit a file from its preview on Instead, you can download the Dropbox desktop app to quickly open files on your computer and edit them. If you want to edit a Microsoft Office file, try our Office Online integration.

Supported file types

File types that preview as a document












File types that preview as a presentation








File types that preview as an image





















File types that preview as a video























File types that preview as audio






File types that form a link




File types that preview as text
































































File preview errors

Files may not be viewable for the following reasons:

  • File is too large; consider the following file size maximums for popular file types
    • Word: 160 MB
    • Powerpoint: 288 MB
    • Excel: 40 MB
    • PDF: 80 MB
    • Image files: 50 MB or 50 megapixels
    • Photoshop and .tiff files: 200 MB
    • Text and code files: 4 MB
    • Video files: 18 GB (for the video thumbnail; the video preview itself does not have a size limit)
  • File is corrupt
  • File is password protected
  • File has the wrong extension name
  • File is DRM-protected (video files)
  • File is not supported by your browser (audio files)

Having problems loading a preview, or seeing an error message? Learn more about file-preview error messages, what they mean and how to address them.

Learn more

To preview files on Dropbox using Chrome, make sure that Chrome is not set to Block third-party cookies and site data. You can adjust this setting on Chrome's Content settings page under Cookies.

Learn more about Chrome's Content Settings.

Special considerations for image and video files:

  • For .psd files, we recommend saving your files with the preference to maximize compatibility.
  • Video codec created via GoToMeeting can be previewed.
  • When you save a video in your Dropbox you will be able to watch the full video from a preview page.
    • If a Dropbox Business user creates a shared link to a video, the recipient can view the entire video on a preview page. This does not apply to videos created by users on a Dropbox Business trial.
    • If a Dropbox Basic, Plus, or Business trial user creates a shared link to a video, the recipient can only view up to 15 minutes on a preview page. Recipients can download the file to their computer or add it to their own Dropbox account to view the entire video.
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