Shared folder permissions

Shared folders are great for groups of people who need to work on the same files together because Dropbox will keep the files up to date for everyone as changes are made. By default, members of a shared folder have edit permissions—they can can add, edit, or delete files.

Sometimes you may want to let people view the files in your folder without being able to change them. Dropbox offers two ways to do this:

  • You can send a link to a file or folder, which allows recipients to view and download a copy of it. It’s a great replacement for sending email attachments.
  • You can set view-only permissions for some or all members of your shared folder. View-only permissions enables members to always see the latest versions of the files without having the ability to edit them. It’s great for keeping collaborators continuously up to date.

What do I do if I want to edit the files in a shared folder, but currently have view-only permissions?

Only a shared folder owner or editor can change permissions. If you need to have a different role within a shared folder, contact the owner or any current editor and ask to have your permissions updated. Learn more about roles in a shared folder.

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