Track and restore changes or resolved comments on a Dropbox Paper doc

Depending on your role in a Paper doc (creator, editor, commenter, or viewer), you can track changes made to a doc. Document creators and editors can:

  • View a list of changes
  • Restore (or undo) changes
  • View (and restore) resolved comments

Note: If you have commenting permissions, you can't view doc history or resolved comments.

View and restore changes to a doc

  1. Open a Paper doc.
  2. Click Updated....
  3. Under Doc changes, find the list of previous edits.
  4. Click Undo next to the most recent change.
When a Paper doc was updated

View and restore resolved comments

  1. Open a Paper doc.
  2. Click the ... (ellipsis) icon.
  3. Click Doc history.
  4. Under Comment history, find the list of resolved comments.
  5. To restore a comment, scroll to the comment you'd like to restore and click Unresolve.

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