Why haven’t I received my promotion space?

To receive the bonus space for one of your devices, you first need to link the eligible device to your account and then complete five steps from our Get Started guide.

If you haven’t received your bonus space for a promotion, then please read through the FAQs in this article to see if they can help you to resolve the issue.

Is my device eligible for the bonus space?

  • Your new device must be brand new. The bonus space offer can only be redeemed once per device so pre-owned devices will most likely have had their eligible space already redeemed by a previous Dropbox account.
  • Dropbox must come pre-installed on the device, if you had to manually download Dropbox, then your device won’t be eligible for the bonus space.
  • Your network carrier must be participating in the bonus space offer.
  • You cannot have signed in to Dropbox on this device with a different email account, and no one else can have signed in to Dropbox on your device either.

Which account will receive the bonus space?

  • A common issue is that users link one of their Dropbox accounts to the new device and then sign into a different account where they won’t see the bonus space.
  • When your first sign into a Dropbox account on a new device, an email will be sent to the email address you have used telling you about the bonus space.
  • After you receive this email you just need to complete five steps of the Get Started guide for that account to redeem the space.

I received the email about my bonus space but why haven’t I received the actual space in my account?

  • First double check the email address to which you have received the email, this is the Dropbox account email which will have been linked to the bonus space.
  • After you have received an email informing you about linking your space you need to complete five steps of the Get Started guide (you will need a computer to do this).
  • Even if you have completed the five steps for another of your Dropbox accounts, you will need to complete the five steps for the account which you have linked to your device.

I already have a bonus space offer active on my account but why haven’t I received more space for my new device that I purchased?

  • Unfortunately multiple promotions of the same type cannot be stacked on one account.
  • We cannot redeem multiple credits for one account, but you are welcome to give the credit to a friend or family member so that they can redeem the promotional space. They can do so by logging into their account from the eligible device.

I had a promotion active on my account but the space has disappeared?

  • Each bonus space promotion is only valid for a limited period of time, usually either one or two years.
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