How can I check that a shared folder is syncing?

This article explains how to check that changes made to files within a shared folder are syncing with other users, and offers troubleshooting measures to repair issues syncing files within shared folders.

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Is a folder actively shared between collaborators?

To check that a folder is actively shared between you and other collaborators:

  1. Sign in to
  2. Click the Sharing tab on the left hand side of the screen.
  3. If you see the folder under Folders you can add to your Dropbox, then it is not active in your account. Click Add to sync the folder back to your Dropbox.

How can I see who is collaborating in a shared folder?

  • View collaborators using the Options button: If a folder is listed as active in the sharing tab, you can click the Options button next to the name of the folder to see a list of the other members of a shared folder
  • View collaborators using profile pictures: You can also view the members of a shared folder by opening your folder on the Dropbox website. The profile pictures for each member will be displayed above the contents of the shared folder
    • Note: If the shared folder has a large number of members you can click the "+" icon at the end to display the Shared folder options

What if files are missing from a folder owned by another Dropbox user?

If contents of a shared folder appear to be missing, first check that the folder is active and that other users are actively collaborating in it. You can do this by finding the folder on the Dropbox website under the Sharing tab and checking to see if the missing contents appear online. If they are not there, collaborators with Edit permissions can check the status of the shared folder and, if necessary, re-share the folder.

  • Note: If it becomes necessary to contact support about this issue, a collaborator with Edit permissions will need to submit the request.

What if files appear on the Dropbox website but not on my computer?

If files in a shared folder appear online but not on your computer, then you may be experiencing a syncing issue (possibly due to a connection error between your computer and your Dropbox account). You can find a list of all of your linked devices on the Dropbox website. Click here for a list of syncing troubleshooting measures.

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