What is syncing and how does it work?

Sync is a process that takes all of the files in your Dropbox folder and makes them available wherever you're signed in to your Dropbox account.

Any changes (edits, additions, deletions) you make to the files in your Dropbox folder will be synced. This means that, once you've synced a file in Dropbox, you'll be able to access it from any device (computer, phone, tablet, etc.) that's linked to your account.

How do I sync files between computers?

To sync files between all of your computers, phones, and tablets, install the Dropbox desktop application and sign in using the same email address on all your devices.

If you've already installed Dropbox, add files to your Dropbox folder to automatically sync them to your Dropbox account. You can then open your files from any other computer, phone, or tablet that you're also signed in to Dropbox on.

If you'd like to share files with other people, create a shared folder or shared link.

Install the Dropbox app

  1. Start by downloading Dropbox on each computer, phone, and tablet you want to sync with.
  2. When installing, you will be prompted to either sign in or create a new account. You only need one account no matter how many devices you want to keep in sync.
  3. Once Dropbox is installed, you'll notice a new Dropbox folder on your hard drive. Add files to your Dropbox folder, and Dropbox will automatically watch them and make sure they're in sync. You can now access your files through dropbox.com.
  4. Once you've installed the application on each of your computers using the same Dropbox login, your files will appear in the Dropbox folders of those computers as well.

Dropbox automatically makes sure your files in your Dropbox folder are the same no matter where you access them. No further settings are required.

Can Dropbox sync files that are outside of the Dropbox folder?

Dropbox only syncs the files that are in your Dropbox folder.

However, after moving a file or folder into Dropbox, you can still access it from its original location if you set up a shortcut.


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