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Dropbox Backup vs. Backblaze: We’ll make this easy

You need a safe and simple way to manage your digital life. So trust Dropbox like millions of others have done before you. Dropbox Backup makes it easy to secure your important work, helping you to recover your files quickly if something goes wrong. And unlike Backblaze, it’s entirely intuitive. Let’s see how they compare.

Dropbox outperforms Backblaze

Dropbox Backup users ranked Dropbox Backup as more intuitive and easier to use than Backblaze.*

Easier to use

Get up and running in a few clicks, and you’ll have one, easy place for your external drive and computer backups. And you can access those files from anywhere at any time.

Better security

Dropbox Backup is always on, keeping your files protected and encrypted in the cloud. Any file type up to 2 TB in size is automatically backed up from your computer to the cloud—requiring little or no effort on your part.

Quicker file recovery

Why waste time manually restoring files from a flash drive? Skip the drag and drop—Dropbox Backup quickly restores files to their original location in just a few clicks.

Dropbox vs Backblaze

Dropbox has 700 million registered customers who trust our reputation for reliability. Backblaze is currently only around half a million users.

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With Dropbox Backup, you benefit from one, safe, centralized place to keep your backups so that all of your important content can be accessed from a single location.

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Dropbox Backup only syncs the data that has changed in a backed-up file, rather than the whole file—making it much easier and quicker to keep up with revisions to collaborative files.

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Dropbox Backup restores files to their original locations by quickly returning files and folders to where they were previously stored. With Backblaze, however, you have to do a lot of that yourself manually.

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Dropbox gives you up to 180 days depending on your plan to restore deleted files (1 year on Business Plus). Document version control allows you to roll back to an earlier copy of a file, so you can seamlessly recover your work. Backblaze only saves deleted files and old versions for 30 days by default.

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Backblaze limits your backups to a single device. But like everything else you get with Dropbox, you can easily get to your backed up files through our desktop and mobile app or on

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Easier to use

With Backup, you’re getting the secure, dependable Dropbox brand—a name that’s recognized and trusted all over the world.

And when you get Backup, you also benefit from other Dropbox functions, like cloud storage and document sharing. So you’re getting a safe, centralized place to keep your photos, resume, mortgage papers—and now your backups, too. Every bit of content that’s vital to your life is easily accessible from one location.

Plus, Dropbox boasts 700 million registered customers who trust our reputation for reliability. Backblaze is currently only around half a million users. And every Dropbox plan includes Dropbox Backup, giving you cloud backup as well as all the tools you need to collaborate and stay organized—in a single subscription. Backblaze is just, well, Backblaze.

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