Simplify PC and Mac backup

Automatically sync folders on your computer to the cloud. Individuals and teams can back up folders like Desktop, Documents, and Downloads directly into Dropbox and access them from anywhere.

Manage Mac and PC backup—automatically

When you turn on computer backup, files on your PC or Mac are continuously backed up to the cloud. Any changes made in synced folders are automatically updated in your Dropbox account and on your hard drive.

Access your files—whenever, wherever

You can get up-to-date versions of files stored on your PC or Mac from anywhere and from any device—instantly. You can even access multiple PC and Mac backups in one centralized place while you’re on the go.

Never lose another file

With files safely backed up to your Dropbox account, you’re protected from computer loss, theft, and hard drive crashes. Your content is secure in the cloud, no matter what happens to your computer.

Frequently asked questions

  • With computer backup, files saved in folders like Desktop, Documents, and Downloads are automatically and continuously synced to the cloud, so you don’t need to manually select and drag files from Finder / File Explorer into your Dropbox account.

  • After you set up computer backup, you’ll see a new Mac or PC backup in your Dropbox account.

    • Basic, Plus, Family, Professional, Standard, and Advanced users: You can set up computer backup through Preferences in the desktop app.
    • Enterprise users: If your admin has enabled computer backup for your team, you can set up computer backup through Preferences in the desktop app.

    For step-by-step instructions, visit the help center.

    • Enterprise admins: Go to your admin console and enable computer backup for your team. Once enabled, team members can set up computer backup on their own devices.
  • When you move, add, or delete files within synced folders, your files stay safe and up to date automatically.

  • Computer backups run continuously in the background and are synced to the cloud in real time.

  • Dropbox makes cloud data security its top priority—we use multiple layers of protection across a distributed, reliable cloud infrastructure.

  • Yes. Download Dropbox to get the most out of your account, including computer backup. Use the desktop app to keep all your content together in one place: files, folders, and now backups of your Mac or PC.