Changes to how shared links work

We recently updated how shared links work, making them both easier to use and easier to maintain. You can still share a link to a file or folder so that anyone can view or download files in your Dropbox. However, shared links will now remain active even if you perform these actions:

  • Rename a folder or file in your Dropbox
  • Move a folder or file to another location in your Dropbox

Previously, if you renamed or moved a file or folder, any shared links to them would "break." This means that anyone clicking the links would see an error message. Now, you can reorganize and rename files and folders in your Dropbox without impacting any shared links to them.

We will slowly roll out this new shared link functionality to all users. Keep in mind that during this phased rollout other users may have a different experience with shared links than you.

Learn more

If you previously renamed or moved files in order to intentionally "break" a link (e.g. to prevent access to a shared file or folder), you will need to actually remove the shared link.

Learn more about removing shared links from your Dropbox account.

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