Start sharing with Dropbox

In this short introduction to sharing, you’ll learn a few ways that people commonly use Dropbox. Focus on the scenario that best describes how you usually collaborate.

I need many people to view a large presentation file.

Replace bulky email attachments with links. A link is a custom URL that people can click to access files in your Dropbox. They don’t even need a Dropbox account themselves!

People who click a link can preview files online, comment on files, or download a copy of files. But, they can't make changes to your original files.

A shared link is the way to distribute that final presentation quickly and securely.

Learn how to create a link.

I need multiple people to collaborate on one spreadsheet.

Avoid multiple versions of the same spreadsheet by inviting people to a shared folder. A shared folder syncs file changes made by one person to the Dropbox accounts of all other invited members.

Once people add a shared folder to their Dropbox account, they can change, view, and comment on files in the shared folder.

Any folder in your Dropbox can be shared to allow collaboration on files across timezones and different devices. For instance, your colleague in the field can update an earnings spreadsheet from a tablet. Back at your office, you can review and add comments to the same spreadsheet from your PC.

Learn how to share a folder.

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