Updates to how you share Dropbox Paper docs

In January 2017 we changed the way folder permissions work in Paper. This change only affects Dropbox Paper. It doesn't change files, folders, or permissions in Dropbox itself.

What changed?

Previously, if you disabled link access to a Paper doc, then no one else would have access to that doc. Even if you put the doc in a folder, the members of that folder didn't have access unless explicitly invited.

Now, if you add a doc to a Paper folder all members automatically have access to the doc. 

How can I update access to docs in my Paper folders?

These changes don't affect existing Paper docs in Paper shared folders. Unshared, private docs remain that way, and no one has access without your permission.

We'll also help you manage or move docs the next time you sign in to Paper. You'll see a banner on each affected doc, prompting you to choose between two options:

  • Remove the doc from the folder
  • Allow all members of the folder to access the doc

How do I share a Paper folder?

  1. In a Paper folder, click the Share button.
  2. Type the email address of the person (or people) you'd like to share with.
  3. Click the Invite button.
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