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Together, Dropbox and Autodesk simplify project workflows to help teams design and make anything.

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Dropbox integrates with Autodesk to break down content silos and ensure the latest version of your files are easily accessible anytime, anywhere. Users can view and edit DWG files from Dropbox as well as save files in Dropbox with the AutoCAD desktop, web, and mobile apps, making it easier for teams to access their content throughout the lifecycle of a project. And through Dropbox Extensions, your teams can edit DWG files in AutoCAD directly from Dropbox without downloading files or installing software

With Dropbox and Autodesk, you can:

  • View and edit AutoCAD files in Dropbox. Open your DWGs directly from Dropbox with the AutoCAD web app to view and edit your most valuable work without disruption.
  • Collaborate with ease. Use Dropbox with AutoCAD to manage your project files and ensure you’re working with the latest data when collaborating with team members.
  • Work on the go. Seamlessly access your AutoCAD files in Dropbox from the office, the jobsite, home, and beyond.