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Microsoft | Dropbox

Productivity powered by partnership

Store, organize, and share files across tools and get more done with more people—and less hassle—with the Dropbox and Microsoft integration.

Lockup of Dropbox logo alongside various logos of Microsoft products.

Reduce chaos. Remove friction. Redefine collaboration.

Every file, secure

With comprehensive security, compliance, and privacy built into both tools, you control your content and the users who access it.

Everything in the right place

Organize files in Dropbox then edit and share them directly in Microsoft 365 to reduce time spent toggling between tools.

Everyone in the latest file version

Work in the most recent version of a file—no more locking and unlocking docs—and add feedback inline for streamlined approvals.

Microsoft Co-author beta
Collaboration, but better

When you Co-author in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Excel—on desktop, mobile, or web—you’re always working in the most recent version of a file. Better yet, it's saved to Dropbox automatically. No conflicted copies, rewriting content, or workflow interruptions. Stay organized and make progress faster.

UI of document being edited by multiple people, with option to save changes to Dropbox
Microsoft Teams
Just part of the Teams

Anything you store and organize in Dropbox can be accessed from Microsoft Teams—search, share, upload, and preview content without leaving the app you’re in.

UI of Microsoft Teams accessing documents from folders in Dropbox
Microsoft Copilot
Get more out of your content

Automatically search your Dropbox content with Microsoft Copilot to answer questions and offer insights in real-time. Focus more on creativity and problem-solving and rest easy knowing that Dropbox and Microsoft prioritize your security, privacy, and compliance boundaries.

UI of Dropbox dashboard with Microsoft Copilot logo
Dropbox Replay
Go from feedback to finished, faster

Fast-track creative reviews with Dropbox Replay. Pull content from OneDrive directly into Dropbox Replay—without downloading and re-uploading—for one easy place to review; offer feedback; or approve video, image, and audio files.

UI of Replay with option to upload project to OneDrive