The tools you need to get work done, from nearly anywhere on any device

Leading companies who use Microsoft Office 365 often require additional mobile productivity and collaboration capabilities. Using the Dropbox Business integration, users and teams can seamlessly access content and collaborate across desktop, web, and mobile.


Together, Microsoft and Dropbox help teams be more productive with seamless mobile and web integrations that enable employees to access, edit, and share their Office docs anytime, on any device. With co-authoring capabilities, teams can co-edit Excel, Powerpoint, and Word files natively, in real time. And the Dropbox badge allows collaborators to see who else is viewing a file and get the latest version with just one click. 

With Microsoft Office 365, companies can:

  • Increase employee productivity. Co-authoring capabilities bring real-time collaboration to Office. Users can create new and edit existing files in or in the Dropbox mobile app directly in Microsoft Office Online. Changes are automatically saved back to Dropbox — all without exchanging an email. 
  • Simplify collaboration. The Dropbox badge allows you to work alongside colleagues, enabling real-time collaboration in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel on desktop. You can see if other collaborators are viewing or editing file, and can update it to the latest version with just one click. In-line commenting allows you to streamline approval processes so you can work more efficiently. 
  • Improve ROI through adoption. Provide your teams with the tools they love, with no training required—resulting in high adoption rates and better control over company data. Dropbox works across platforms and supports every version of Office since 2007.
  • Stay productive anywhere. Enable employees to access, edit, sync, and share their Office docs anytime, on any device. Smart Sync lets you view and open all your files with virtually no local storage space constraints, so you can access your files directly from your desktop. The Office and Dropbox mobile apps integrate with one another so you can easily create, edit, and share between apps. 
  • Bring your work to your conversations. Locate, share, and gather feedback on your work in Dropbox directly from Microsoft Teams, so you can bring your content into relevant discussions. You can also enable the Dropbox add-in for Outlook to send shared links to Dropbox files, and save email attachments in Outlook directly to Dropbox. 
  • Put your work in the best light. Easily convert or import a Word document to a Paper document. Rich files previews in Paper and Showcase allow you to embed Office documents and add Outlook calendar invites, eliminating the need to toggle between apps. 

With the Microsoft Extensions in Dropbox, you can streamline workflows with your content:

  • Using the Microsoft Teams Extension, easily send Dropbox files to your team or individuals at your company. 
  • With the Outlook Extension, send and attach Dropbox files in emails in Outlook, without leaving Dropbox. 

Dropbox also integrates with Azure AD, enabling companies to quickly set-up single sign-on and manage accounts automatically in Dropbox Business.

With Azure Active Directory, your IT team can:

  • Turn-on immediate access. Deploy enterprise-class, single sign-on out of the box.
  • Control accounts with ease. Create and manage user accounts automatically in Dropbox Business.
  • Simplify account management. Connect Dropbox Business to Azure AD easily with a simple, step-by-step user interface.