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Dropbox Plus

Everything that matters, in one place.

Store and share your big ideas, best memories, and family traditions with 2,000 GB. Dropbox Plus gives you the tools you need to be confident that the most important things are safe.

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Your virtual photo album, filing cabinet, and more

A place for everything—even your passwords!

Dropbox Plus gives you 2,000 GB of encrypted cloud storage, a password manager, and access to Dropbox Vault.

Disaster‑proof your data

Now you can restore or recover anything in your Dropbox account for up to 30 days. That means all your photos, PDFs, and personal files are safe from unwanted edits, deletions, hackers, and viruses.

Share with friends and family

Send photos and other content to your loved ones - regardless of which devices they use or whether they use Dropbox - by using features such as shared links and folders or Dropbox Transfer.

Build your virtual filing cabinet

With 2000 GB on Dropbox Plus, you can store all your files - including the most sensitive - and use the Passwords app to create, store, and use your personal passwords. Not only are all your files encrypted, but they all belong to you, so you can be sure we’re not reselling your data.

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Be confident your stuff is safe

Dropbox Plus offers you multi-factor authentication, remote wipe capabilities, and the ability to recover deleted or modified files for 30 days. You can even rewind your entire account within that time period if it gets compromised.

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Share what you love

Best of all, Dropbox Plus is a magic way to share your memories, treasures, and skills with friends and family. Use Capture to teach your parents how to master the internet, or transfer your beautiful photos for viewing by anyone - regardless of what devices or apps they use!

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