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Deliver large files to anyone

Dropbox Transfer lets you easily and securely hand off large files or collections of files, and confirm delivery.

A list of files in Dropbox Transfer
Quickly and easily deliver any file
  • Hand-off up to 100 GB of files in each transfer
  • Let anyone access files, even without an account
  • Add via drag-and-drop or from Dropbox
  • Deliver by copying a link or sending an email
Screenshot of a file that is ready to be sent in Dropbox Transfer via email or a copied link
Ensure your files get delivered
  • Deliver copies to prevent unwanted edits
  • Control access with password protection
  • Set link expiration to encourage downloads
  • Confirm delivery with download notifications
Screenshot of viewership stats and settings for files in Dropbox Transfer
Make a strong impression

Add custom branding by choosing a background image and logo for your transfer’s download page.

Screenshot of a user receiving files in Dropbox Transfer with custom branding