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Video collaboration for teams

From the first sketch to the final cut, Dropbox makes video collaboration simple

Scattered comments. Fragmented communication. Missing files and unresolved edits. That’s the chaos, and Dropbox helps you control it.

With video collaboration tools to make life easier at every step of the process, Dropbox instantly improves your team’s workflow.

A demonstration of video collaboration tools, such as annotations and frame-accurate commenting, available in Dropbox Replay.
A secure, central hub for your team’s project files

Effective video collaboration needs a strong, central foundation. Store raw assets, briefs, storyboards and more in one place and access them simultaneously, from anywhere – all securely stored in the cloud.

Need a central space to plan? Create project timelines, embed media and assign actions with Paper.

A visual representation of videos and project files stored in a Dropbox account, ready for collaboration.
Bring your team’s editing suite under one roof

Collaborative video editing is easy when files are stored in Dropbox, with integration for Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve from Blackmagic Design and all of your favourite tools. With cloud storage, you'll always be working from the latest version of your files – and nobody needs to download a copy.

A demonstration of the video editing integration between editing apps and Dropbox Replay, making collaboration on video projects simple.
Review and approve creative projects faster

Say farewell to scattered video feedback.

Share HD-quality video files with your collaborators – even if they don’t use Dropbox – and collect frame-accurate feedback in one place.

No more hopping from app to app – connect your editing app to Replay, a video collaboration platform, and import feedback directly to your video timeline. Then upload new versions directly from your editor.

A demonstration of the live review video collaborations tools available in Dropbox Replay.
Deliver your team’s finished films quickly, securely and in style

Once you’re done collaborating on videos in Replay, it’s time to deliver the finished product. Send large files – or collections of files – and confirm delivery with Dropbox Transfer.

  • Send up to 250 GB at a time just by sharing a link, sending an email, via drag-and-drop or directly from Dropbox
  • Anyone can access, even without an account – stay informed with download notifications
  • Links can be password protected or have an expiry date to keep your files secure
  • Make a strong impression – add customised branding with a custom background image and logo for your transfer’s download page
A demonstration of Dropbox Transfer being used to send finished video files.

Nine out of ten users would recommend Replay.* Here’s why:

*Based on a 2021 Dropbox research survey of registered Dropbox users who have used Dropbox Replay. Respondents said Replay helped simplify their workflow by collecting feedback from multiple collaborators in one place. 

Frequently asked questions

With Dropbox Replay, a video collaboration tool, reviewing a video is as simple as clicking a link. Replay reviews are browser based, so you don’t have to wait for a large file to download. Plus, you can leave frame-accurate feedback without any specialised software. You don’t even need a Dropbox account to review a video in Replay.

Yes. You can share audio tracks for review and collect time-stamped comments in Replay. Or create a virtual listening room with synchronised audio playback for all participants.

The Dropbox Replay video collaboration software connects with Adobe Premiere Pro, Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve, LumaTouch LumaFusion and WeVideo.

Head to our plans page to see pricing, offers and subscriptions for Dropbox Replay.

You need a Dropbox account to upload videos, create a viewing room and connect editing apps. But you don’t need an account to review videos in Replay.