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Dropbox vs iDrive: Revealing the definitive winner

If technology isn’t intuitive, it isn’t useful. Why risk a backup product that’s more trouble than it’s worth? With Dropbox Backup, you get a smart solution that gets to work in a few clicks – from a company trusted by more than 700 million users. It’s the simple, intuitive solution that does exactly what you need. You just won’t get that from iDrive.

Dropbox triumphs over iDrive

Easier to use

You get all Backup features with every Dropbox plan, the only thing that varies is the storage you choose. iDrive gives you different backup and recovery features with each plan – so who knows what you’re getting, or what you’re paying for?

Tougher security

Backup is always on, always encrypting your files in the cloud – so all you need to do is stop worrying. Whether your computer is lost, stolen, fried or frozen – your files are safe.

Fast file recovery

If your computer is toast, your files aren’t – but only with Dropbox Backup. You won't have to wait long, and can pick up from where you left off – iDrive just doesn't work like that.

Dropbox vs iDrive

Protect your online identity with a better backup – so you can easily restore your data, whatever life throws your way.

Dropbox Backup offers seamless integration, ensuring all your data is centralised for easy access and management – much different from iDrive’s scattered approach.

Two people using tablet devices and running checks in a data room.

You get lightning-fast recovery with Dropbox Backup, which effortlessly restores data to its original location with precision and speed in a few clicks – unlike iDrive’s more cumbersome process.

Three office boxes with documents, photos and music media popping out of the lids.

Using Dropbox Backup, you can access more types of files, from more places (anywhere, in fact) – providing unparalleled convenience. iDrive’s more limited accessibility could leave you wanting at precisely the wrong time.

A person accessing their Dropbox files as they take a break from riding a scooter.

Is iDrive safe? While it’s probably secure enough for some people, Dropbox provides world-class security – shielding your sensitive information from threats. There’s no point compromising or taking a risk on shaky defences.

A small house with a keyhole shape on the front.

Rescuing precious data is simple. Dropbox Backup offers foolproof data recovery, ensuring you never lose valuable work. Why leave yourself vulnerable to data loss?

Two people meeting between a desk and chairs inside a secure vault.

Dropbox gives you access to powerful collaboration features, streamlining teamwork and processes for enhanced efficiency and productivity. You’ll never feel disjointed or out of the loop.

Two people passing a virtual baton between their locations.

Easier to use

Dropbox lets you back up all your files in one place, accessible from anywhere – fast. Not only is it easier to use than iDrive, it’s simpler to buy.

Easily manage and quickly back up your data to save valuable time, while ensuring security.

Your files are stored in the cloud – and when you start the recovery process, they'll be restored to their original location with lightning-fast download speeds.

With Dropbox Backup, unlike iDrive’s much less intuitive product, you can automate backup tasks – one less thing to think about.

In addition to unbeatable features, Dropbox Backup gives you access to your backups anywhere, on any device, at any time.

A screenshot of deleted files in Dropbox.
Dropbox screenshot showing the encryption options available.