Collaborative solutions for productive work

Dropbox collaborative tools make work easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable.

Collaborative tools built for teamwork

Dropbox collaborative tools help eliminate modern day digital distractions so internal and external stakeholders can finally focus—and stay focused—on the work that matters. Your teams will be quickly and easily empowered to work more efficiently, creatively, and productively with other teams in a secure, centralized environment.

Keep everything exactly where you need it

Use Dropbox Spaces to transform folders into connected workspaces that bring all your content to life. Whether it’s PowerPoints, Google Docs, Trello boards, Slack channels, Zoom meetings, HelloSign contracts, or other Dropbox integrations.

Share links easily with anyone

Instantly send files or folders to people outside your company using shared links—even if the recipients aren’t Dropbox users. And there’s no need to worry after you send files because you can keep tabs on viewer info while protecting shared links with passwords and expiration dates.

Collaborate seamlessly

Use Paper templates instead of searching for and re-creating old docs. Coordinate with your team by assigning to-dos and due dates within one shared doc. Edit in real time, review and approve work, and manage projects from anywhere.

Keep everything safe in the cloud

Rest assured that a secure, distributed infrastructure—plus admin tools for control and visibility—keeps your company’s data safe within Dropbox Business.

Dropbox removes barriers to collaboration

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Work together, better

Enable meaningful collaboration, and let your teams use tools they love.

State of Collaboration Report

Find out how your can improve collaboration and business outcomes for your teams.