Telecommuting can lead to happier, more productive employees

Dropbox tools bring all the benefits of the modern, flexible workplace together, so you can work from anywhere and stay connected.

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The benefits of telecommuting are numerous

Take advantage of telecommuting without missing a beat. Dropbox facilitates collaboration that’s easy, fun, and flexible – whether you’re in the office or not.

Being able to telework adds to a healthy work-life balance. When you’re given a flexible work arrangement, you can skip your commute and choose your office space, work environment and work hours. And you can structure your work day so you can be your most productive.

Stay connected with your team

Dropbox tools make it easy for teleworkers to work from home and still feel connected to everything – and everyone. Streamline workflows, rather than switching back and forth between apps. And enjoy greater focus as you collaborate on projects with other team members and remote workers.

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Dropbox tools are an asset for telecommuters

Dropbox makes telecommuting second nature – and incredibly effective. Here’s how:

Access, share and sync files at your home office

Newly saved or updated files are automatically synced across your devices, so you don’t have to spend time emailing the newest versions to collaborators. And you can be reassured that all your important files are completely synced by looking for the green tick.

Group of folders and files with green icons that indicate that each file is synced to the device, and that the file syncing is complete

No Wi-Fi? No problem.

No signal on the commuter rail, aeroplane or while teleworking at the coffee shop? No problem – simply mark files for offline access. Dropbox will automatically download updated versions when you’re online, so they’re available offline.

Someone hovers a cursor over the Smart Sync options menu which offers a choice of Local or Online Only sync options

Do it all in one place – no matter where you are.

Easily collaborate, edit and share content with team members, freelancers and remote employees no matter where you are – or where they are – with Dropbox Paper. Paper lets you and your team share everything from team meeting agendas to project outlines. And it’s easy to add images, videos and even code to team projects.

Collaborators use a Dropbox Paper doc to collaborate on a Branding Project with graphs, images and a to-do list

How to make telecommuting work for you

While some of your team might readily embrace the clear perks and benefits of telecommuting, it can be a difficult shift for others. Here are some tips to help your team make the most of full-time telecommuting:

1. See and be seen.
When you sync with your team face to face, just like being in the office, it simulates a more ‘in person’ experience. Schedule video conferencing, or instantly start a Zoom meeting directly from Dropbox to quickly sync on pressing matters to keep that virtual connection going.

2. Schedule regular team meetings and 1-2-1s.
While telecommuting, keeping in touch with your team is more important than ever. Set up recurring syncs, and keep track of important action items and discussions with a meeting notes template that you can all easily refer to later.

3. Stick to a routine – and help your team stick to one, too.
Adhering to an agreed-upon work schedule with your team helps keep everyone accountable. You can keep your virtual work moving smoothly by creating a project planning template so everyone knows what’s expected of them – and when their tasks are due.

4. Simplify your work, stay organised and keep everything in one place.
Streamline all of your projects and avoid switching between platforms, apps and content types by connecting all the content and tools you use with Dropbox. Access and find everything you need from one place.

5. Set clear boundaries about disconnecting.
We’re not machines; we’re human beings. We all need to rest, rejuvenate and refresh. Make sure you communicate with your team when you are and aren’t available, and firmly stick to it – and encourage them to do the same. Use Dropbox Spaces to help you reduce the busywork so that you can focus on what matters.

Stay connected, even when telecommuting

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