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Dropbox enterprise mobility management

With Dropbox enterprise mobility management, your Dropbox Enterprise plan ensures a secure platform for your business that keeps your corporate data and information safe across all personal devices.

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Keep everything in your enterprise secure at all times

Improve digital data security across your operations with Dropbox enterprise mobility management (EMM). You can be confident that your information is secure for all business users—no matter what mobile device they use or the situation or workplace in which they use it.

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Protect and monitor all your mobile devices

Dropbox partners with third-party EMM solution providers for greater control when Dropbox Enterprise end-users use Dropbox mobile apps. With mobile app management tools, you can protect your business data with delete access controls that can control and restrict the usage of managed devices.

Better visibility with mobile device management

Whether company-provided or personal devices, you’ll have visibility into employee app usage, including available storage and access locations. Mobile device management tools are an effective solution to mobile security threats, and rest assured, with Dropbox, you can easily remote wipe a lost or stolen device.

Easily manage usage across multiple platforms or devices

Control usage in real time

During EMM deployment, it helps to know who has active sessions with either the Dropbox EMM platform or regular mobile apps.

Manage deployment with ease

See how a transition is going to help you determine when to make EMM tools required, as opposed to just optional.

Get insights from a usage report

Be empowered with data to better understand user experience and mobile app usage across your company.

Keep your business and personal and enterprise data separate

When you connect your Dropbox accounts, your admin does not have automatic visibility over any data in your personal Dropbox account. Even if your personal device is managed by your company, you can still use your personal Dropbox account without your admin getting access to it. Be sure to check with your admin about security policies when it comes to putting personal data on company-managed devices.

EMM keeps data safe across all devices

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Secure your data

Find out how to keep your data safe and accessible—meaning you’re always in control when using Dropbox.

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See how it works

Peek under the hood to see how Dropbox keeps you in control of your confidential data.

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