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A user commenting on a specific frame in a video
Dropbox Replay

Help your team simplify and fast-track video collaboration. Dropbox Replay helps you track progress and keep video projects moving with:

  • Frame-accurate commenting
  • A real-time virtual viewing room
  • Integrations with editing tools like Adobe Premiere Pro

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Video project in Dropbox Replay with person in frame circled and arrow drawn on, and time-stamped comment on side
Dropbox Capture

Dropbox Capture helps you get your point across and strike the right tone by easily creating screen recordings, video messages, GIFs, and screenshots. Instead of scheduling yet another team meeting, you can use Capture to:

  • Present works-in-progress
  • Share sales proposals
  • Deliver custom demos

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To get started, visit on your Windows or macOS computer to download the app.

Someone hovers cursor over Project Plan, with video of presenter in corner and toolbar on side in Dropbox Capture
Dropbox Spaces

Manage files, information, and updates for projects with your team—all in one place—with our virtual workspace. Dropbox Spaces helps your team:

  • Consolidate files and information
  • Quickly get project updates
  • Stay on track with next steps
Screenshot of “Project Bolt” with project plan and linked content in Dropbox Spaces
Dropbox Shop

Easily sell your digital content like art, plug-ins, and music directly to customers. With Dropbox Shop, you can:

  • Create customizable listings
  • Accept secure payments
  • Track sales performance
Listing for Digital print bundle $15 with video thumbnail and Buy button in Dropbox Shop


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