Tracking software for teams

Dropbox and Asana allow you to seamlessly collaborate on tasks and files — keeping your team accountable and efficient.

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Teams can track any kind of work with Asana, and with Dropbox, they’ll have all the relevant information and files right alongside their work. Asana's integration with Dropbox allows you to attach a file from Dropbox to any task in Asana in just a few clicks. When updates are made to files, they will automatically be updated in the task. 

  • Track all your work in one place. Attach files relevant to the tasks you’re tracking in Asana so you have all the information you need to get your work done.
  • One click access. In one click you can access your entire library of Dropbox files, allowing you to browse and choose the file you want to attach to your Asana task.
  • Automatic updates. Keep version control under control — once a file is updated in Dropbox, it will automatically update in the Asana task.