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Introducing even more ways to support collaboration and protect your organization.

Data Governance

Retain data with 10-year Extended Versioning History, protect your organization with new ways to manage security requirements and stay ahead of risk with legal holds—all while keeping everyone organized and focused. 

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HelloSign + Dropbox

Premium Support

Stay focused on the work that matters with enhanced support 24 hours, 7 days a week (including holidays), appointment scheduling, proactive support outreach, faster response times, and access to premium live learnings.

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Advanced Team & Content Controls

Efficiently and securely manage your Dropbox Business deployment with expanded security capabilities through Advanced Team & Content Controls.

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HelloSign and Dropbox workflow alternative

HelloSign eSignature

Level up your Dropbox experience with HelloSign’s e-signature solution, making it easy to request and send documents for signature directly from Dropbox.

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HelloSign and Dropbox workflow alternative