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HelloSign, a Dropbox company

HelloSign Essentials

Starting at $15 / month

  • Unlimited legally binding eSignature requests
  • Up to 5 reusable templates
  • Robust security features like audit trails
The HelloSign signer experience showing a document with signature fields ready to be completed and a modal with a signature being created.

Voted #1 for Ease of Use from G2, 4 years in a row

Signup to signature in < 5 minutes

Simply upload a document, drag and drop your fields, and send for signature—or sign it yourself.

Documents signed up to 80% faster

With HelloSign, documents are signed up to 80% faster than the print-sign-scan-email process.

Completion rates up to 96%

Built-in reminders and advanced signer options significantly improve document completion rates.

Unlimited signing

No more worrying about overages or sending out too many signature requests—you’ll always have as much as you need. Plus, your signers don't need an account to sign documents, making signing a breeze.

A grid of signed documents surrounding an infinity loop symbol.

Stop dragging and dropping the same fields into your documents over and over again. HelloSign lets you save templates with prepared fields that you can reuse any time, making future requests quick and easy.

The HelloSign templates page with three document templates ready to be used. A cursor hovers over the first one.
Sign any document in any format on any device

Need to get your NDA squared away? Not a problem. From sales contracts, to offer letters, to vendor agreements, it’s easy to send PDFs, Microsoft Word docs, Google Docs, and more for a legally binding signature. Documents can easily be signed from a desktop or any mobile device.

The HelloSign mobile app showing a signature field being added to a document. A modal shows the two signers who will complete the document.

Frequently asked questions

No, nothing. Ever. Your signers don’t need an account to sign documents. They get an email notifying them of the signature request and all they need to do is open the document and sign. There is nothing they need to pay or special training they need to have. Signing is quick and easy. Once they've signed, both of you automatically receive a copy of the document.

Absolutely. We comply with stringent US and European Union eSignature laws, employ advanced security and privacy measures, and offer two ways to authenticate the identity of the signer. Each transaction also includes a comprehensive, court-admissible log. For more information, see our Legal page or our legality guide.

Yes, we have several pre-built templates to choose from, including a photo release waiver, NDA, W-2, social media policy, and more. You can also turn any of your frequently used documents into templates to speed up your agreement workflow.