A day in the life of your media content

Supercharge your workflows by bringing Dropbox content into your favorite media tools.

Bring your media projects to life

To accelerate the creative, edit and delivery process for our media customers, we’ve expanded our partner network to include Kyno from Lesspain Software, ascribe.ai from axle ai, CI HUB, Wipster, FileCatalyst & Sprout Social. Read on or register for a short webinar to find out more.

Manage your media remotely - Kyno

Bring post-production and creative teams together by managing Dropbox media with Kyno. Ingest, log, and trim clips; create proxy versions or dailies; and share metadata directly with Avid, Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and Final Cut Pro.

Transcribe clips directly from editing - axle ai

Using the Dropbox integration with axle ai, teams now access transcription tools in a few clicks. ascribe.ai uses artificial intelligence to quickly analyze your videos while uploading into Dropbox, then pushes fully searchable transcripts into Premiere Pro.

Bring Dropbox into your creative tools - CI HUB

Plug your Dropbox account directly into Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, InDesign, Illustrator, PowerPoint, and even Word using the CI HUB integration. Search multiple Dropbox accounts within your application, and continue your work from inside the platform.

Streamline the approval process - Wipster

We’ve partnered with Wipster to import content for frame-accurate feedback and approval rounds with your Dropbox content. Audit lists keep the content on track and security features make sure the content is safe.

Speed up file deliveries - FileCatalyst

Using your Dropbox account as an embedded file system inside the Emmy-winning FileCatalyst application, you can accelerate the transfer of large files to and from your storage with its patent-pending UDP acceleration protocol.

Launch social campaigns directly from Dropbox - Sprout Social

Create social posts in the web or mobile Sprout Social app, and locate your content, upload images or videos from Dropbox, publish, then manage and measure engagement all in one platform. Deliver content from Dropbox directly to your audience.

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