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Use Dropbox Paper to plan, schedule, and coordinate successful projects with team members. Available on the web, iOS, and Android.
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Assign and track tasks

Paper is a project management solution which is designed to help both large and small teams collaborate in a distraction-free environment. With free online project management tools built-in, Paper docs are the perfect place for teams to coordinate, streamline task management, track project progress and work on new projects.

To-dos: It’s easy to create tasks and subtasks and assign them to yourself or other team members. Add a due date to any deliverable on your customizable task list, and assignees will get reminder emails, helping keep project activities moving along.

Calendar sync: Easily create meeting notes by linking your Google Calendar or Microsoft Office 365 account. Once you do, Paper will show you upcoming events. Click one, and Paper will create a new doc listing the event’s attendees and agenda, with sections for you to fill in discussion and action items.

Time tracking: Create a tracker with a clean visual representation of what’s happening when—and who’s responsible for your team’s work. Assign team members, set milestones, track time and check off completed items to keep your project schedule inside any doc.

 Assign and track tasks

Organize project documents

One of the keys to successful project planning is making it easy for collaborators to find what they need. Paper's user-friendly, free project management tool help project teams collect and share important information in their docs.

Doc linking: Project managers can easily create centralized project plans that link to supporting docs. Pasting a doc’s link will automatically display its title, along with a preview that appears when you hover your cursor over it.

Table of contents and bookmarks: Paper makes finding info in large docs simple by automatically generating a table of contents for each doc from the headers and subheads you create. You can also link directly to those headers and subheads to direct team members to exactly the spot you need them to review.

Notifications: Using Paper as your project management platform keeps team members on track with notifications for important events, like to-dos and due dates, through the menu bar icon or email.

 Organize project documents

Update project team members

Keeping people in the loop—and complex projects running smoothly—is easy with these real-time resource management and team collaboration features:

@mentions: Tag any team member in a comment or to-do to notify them of something that needs their attention. And if you need everyone’s attention, type “@doc” to notify people working on the doc.

Link previews: Just paste a link from popular tools like Dropbox, YouTube, and Pinterest. Paper will add a preview to your doc—and even update it when the linked content changes—ensuring everyone has the most up-to-date info.

Slack integration: Using Slack to communicate with your team? Our integration lets you search for Paper docs and add links without leaving a Slack channel. Plus, Slack will create a preview of your Paper doc. You can also create a new doc and share it with everyone in a Slack channel, without bouncing back and forth between different project management tools.

 Update team members

Dropbox transforms project management

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