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See use cases and Paper templates by team function

3 people paint large wall. They are using scaffolding and different postures to reach different heights
Seamlessly plan and coordinate

Paper templates are an easier way for your marketing team to coordinate launches, streamline content calendars, and plan social campaigns.

A marketing launch plan template created in Dropbox Paper
Bring products to market faster

Empower your product team from prototype to launch—plan product roadmaps, define requirements, and track milestones—all in one place

A product spec template created in Dropbox Paper
Design across time zones & locations

Enable your creative team to work together in real-time—from production plans to creative briefs—as if you were in the same room.

A video production plan template created in Dropbox Paper
Streamline hiring and onboarding

Help your HR team simplify their work, from internal planning and coordination with hiring managers to onboarding new hires.

A new hire onboarding template created in Dropbox Paper
Keep the business organized

Enable your IT team to structure a company wiki, build a self-service knowledge base, and onboard new hires with ease.

A wiki template created in Dropbox Paper
Increase visibility and access

Unlock the power of your sales team by getting everyone on the same page, from account planning to collaborating on sales call notes.

An account plan template created in Dropbox Paper