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Dropbox April 2023 Product Updates

Product UI shows how to review and approve a video with Dropbox Replay

Now everyone can play with Dropbox Replay

All Dropbox users now have access to Replay, our creative review and approval tool for video, images, and audio. This limited version of Replay, available in all plans, makes it easy to mark up, comment, and finalize media. Collaborators can even watch and mark up videos together, in real time, from anywhere with live review.

We’re also introducing the Dropbox Replay Add-On* which offers premium security and collaboration features, including:

  • Increased file upload limit. Files uploaded into Replay are only limited by your available Dropbox plan storage.
  • Auto-generated transcription and closed captions on videos to help you locate frames faster.
  • Centralized sharing controls. Access and password protect all your Replay links in one place.
  • Due dates for reviews. Set a cut-off date to make sure you’re receiving feedback on time, and keeping projects on schedule.
  • Tools for closing finished work. Securely deliver final projects up to 250 GB with Dropbox Transfer, and archive work directly to your Dropbox account for safekeeping.

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*The Replay Add-On is available to purchase on all plans except Dropbox Basic, Family, and Education.

Product UI shows PDF editing capabilities

Edit PDFs with highlights and markups

It’s easy to make quick adjustments without having to jump to another app by editing PDFs directly in Dropbox, and now this functionality is getting more powerful. The addition of highlighting and freeform drawing tools let you bring people’s attention to exactly where you need it. Highlight specific sections, add comments, or call out changes that need to be made, all right from Dropbox. These new editing capabilities, along with existing ones like page rearrangement and rotation, are available when previewing PDFs on

Learn more about PDF editing in Dropbox

Product UI shows how to backup files in a folder

Dropbox Backup levels up

Now you’ve got more control and flexibility over backups, so you can fine-tune them to your needs.

  • Back up more folders. Select any folder within your computer’s home folder to back up, including subfolders. You’re no longer limited to folders like Documents, Desktop, and Downloads.
  • Schedule your backups. Choose when your device backups run, and get flexibility by putting them on your timeline.
  • View progress of your backups. Check the percentage of your backup progress to get see how much longer you have until they’re complete.
  • Quickly get back up and running. Get more options to kick off your backup restoration—from either the web or your computer.
  • Rename your backups. Customize the name of your device backup so you can distinguish across multiple backups.

View and adjust Dropbox Backup settings

Product UI shows how to enable sharing
Product UI shows removal of filler words functionality in Dropbox Capture
Product UI shows search functionality in Dropbox Paswords
Product UI shows improved search functionality in Dropbox folders
Product UI shows camera uploads in Dropbox app for iOS,
Product UI shows a screenshot of a video playing in mobile app
Product UI shows video editing features like timeline cropping
Two mobile screens show multi-document scanning