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Dropbox December 2022 Product Updates

A person inserts their signature into a document with Dropbox Sign

Sign PDFs without leaving Dropbox

Adding your legally binding signature on PDFs is now much simpler. Say goodbye to downloading a PDF or opening it in a separate eSignature application.

We’ve added Dropbox Sign capabilities to our built-in PDF editor, so you can add your signature as you make changes. You’ll switch apps less and have less to keep track of, all while keeping agreements secure, legally binding, and compliant.

Learn how to add signatures to a PDF

A team admin being alerted to mass deletion of files in Dropbox

Robust, always-on threat mitigation is here

Our automatic ransomware protection alerts admins with in-product and email notifications to safeguard your business and keep you focused on your work. We’ll automatically notify you when we detect ransomware, mass content deletions and moves, sign-ins from high-risk countries, or multiple failed sign-ons.

With tools to easily and quickly recover content, you can avoid paying ransom when there’s a security threat. This update, coming soon to Dropbox Standard and Advance teams, helps shield your business from harm and keeps work moving.

Learn how to get started with ransomware protection

Updated Dropbox iOS interface with shared and offline buttons enabled

Faster access to what you need in Dropbox on iOS

Our redesigned homepage in Dropbox for iOS gives you faster and easier access to important content on the go. The first thing you see when you open the app is your Recents, Starred, Shared, and Offline files displayed in separate sections, with large thumbnails for at-a-glance browsing.

Plus, we’ve added the ability to customize your homepage to fit how you use Dropbox. You can add any folder as a new section on the homepage for quick access. Or, you can reorder and remove sections you don’t use as frequently. It all adds up to an easier-to-use, more personal Dropbox app.

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A search results page of images with copyright in the Dropbox interface
Two users comment on an image in the Dropbox Replay interface