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Dropbox July 2022 Product Updates

A Dropbox interface showing individual users’ password scores and a blue button labeled “invite member” next to an inactive user profile

Always-on security features detect and deter evolving threats

The Dropbox admin console that includes number of users on a team, space used, account renewal date, percent of licenses used, and blue and purple line graphs visualizing file usage

New controls help teams protect their work

A user leaving a comment on a Dropbox Capture video at the 23 second mark of a video

Dropbox Capture beta: Create recordings without the 5-minute limit

A user clicking on a blue “confirm” button that to back up their Cobalt drive to Dropbox

Dropbox Backup allows teams to back up external hard drives

A still from a video showing a white seashell on a dark purple background

Easily save content from other apps all in one place with the Dropbox mobile app