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Dropbox products

Dropbox’s products and features help customers simplify their work, scale productivity, and deliver experiences with a personalized touch—all with best-in-class security.

Send and track document with Dropbox

Dropbox share, sync, and organize

Get work done whenever, wherever, and on any device. Dropbox makes it easy for your team to securely store, find, access, and share, every project and file.

Dropbox Dash (beta)

Quickly find content across all surfaces, including apps, emails and more. Boost efficiency and maintain focus with Dropbox Dash, your AI-powered search tool.

Tools that make work, less work


Go from feedback to final in no time by managing video, image, and audio projects in Dropbox. Reduce the chaos with frame-accurate feedback and markups directly on project files.


Securely share your documents with anyone—whether they have an account or not—and get advanced access controls and real-time viewer analytics


Automatically back up important files on all your devices—like photos, videos, and documents—and quickly restore them in case they get accidentally altered or deleted.


Sign contracts, sign your next client, or sign up a new hire with legally-binding eSignatures right in Dropbox.


Easily share feedback with a link using screen recordings, voiceovers, and screenshots instead of relying on lengthy emails, meetings, or repetitive training sessions.


Send a copy of any file or folder (up to 250 GB) to colleagues or clients, even if they don’t use Dropbox. You can also control access to your content with passwords and expiration dates.


Dropbox meets your team where they work.

Mobile app

Keep projects moving from anywhere. Access work, collaborate with co-workers and clients, and quickly take care of tasks—all from your phone or tablet.

Desktop app

Organize, share, and manage content for easy collaboration and enhanced efficiency right on your desktop.

Dropbox works with the apps you already use.


Bring Slack conversations and Dropbox content together to keep teams in sync.

Microsoft 365

Easily access, edit, and share Office docs online in Dropbox.

Google Workspace

Create, edit, and share Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides from Dropbox.


Bring order and harmony to your creative ideas integrating Adobe and Dropbox.

Microsoft Teams

Share files directly from Dropbox to Microsoft Teams.


Teams can track any kind of work with Asana, while keeping content from Dropbox right alongside.


Create beautiful graphics in Canva with your content from Dropbox.


Attach resumes and other documents to applications directly from Dropbox.

More tools for productivity, collaboration, and security

Dropbox Sign API

Our developer-friendly API lets you effortlessly integrate eSign into your app, enabling unified and legally-binding agreement workflows that are personalized for your brand.

FormSwift from Dropbox

Fill out templates to easily create documents like NDAs, contracts, and tax forms. Add text and eSignatures, erase, redact, highlight, and more. Then, download or email your finished documents.


Paper is so much more than a doc. Brainstorm, plan, organize, create, and collaborate within the same living co-editing tool.


The easiest way to sign in to websites and apps on all your devices. Dropbox Passwords uses zero-knowledge encryption so only you can see your passwords, not Dropbox.

Early access products

Test drive the next generation of work tools, now in alpha or beta through Dropbox Early Access. And thanks in advance for sharing feedback—your ideas could directly influence the final product!

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