German-based, end-to-end encryption solution that seamlessly integrates with Dropbox

Boxcryptor encrypts your files locally before they are uploaded to Dropbox, offering companies an additional layer of security in order to comply with internal or external compliance regulations.


The German-based encryption solution is available for all major platforms and seamlessly integrates into your workflows, such as user management with Dropbox Business, active directory integration, custom policies, and master key provided from an administration panel.

  • End-to-end encryption. Boxcryptor encrypts your files locally on the device before they are uploaded to Dropbox — you can chose if you want to encrypt all your files or a subset of files stored in Dropbox (recommended).
  • Seamless integration. Boxcryptor seamlessly integrates with Dropbox, allowing you to benefit from all of Dropbox’s features while adding additional security. With Boxcryptor, you can continue to collaborate with your team, share files with others, and access your data on all devices.
  • Perfect for teams. Boxcryptor offers you a wide range of additional features to help you manage teams, such as custom policies, auditing, user management, active directory support, and more.

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