Enable a modern learning experience for students, faculty and researchers

With the Dropbox and Canvas integration, you can provide students and faculty with quick, secure access to Dropbox content directly from Canvas. Students can link files stored in Dropbox to course content, or in conjunction with coursework submissions. Teachers and students can access their Dropbox files, embed them into pages, or submit them as assignments in Canvas. 

  • Easily integrate Dropbox and Canvas. The Dropbox LTI app in the Canvas App Marketplace makes it simple for institutions and instructors to add Dropbox content into their courses with a single click. No IT support necessary.
  • Streamline assignment submission. For both students and faculty, the integration allows for seamless access to the right files, without having to worry about version control or file limitations. 
  • Improve student collaboration. No matter the size of project, Dropbox and Canvas makes it easier for students to collaborate on everything from Word Docs, to PDFs, to Photoshop files in Dropbox. Once they’re ready to submit the assignment, students simply upload and submit their final work from Dropbox in Canvas.
  • Seamless content sharing. Any type of document that a teacher stores in their Dropbox account, including course materials, study resources, syllabi and more, can be embedded directly in Canvas. 
  • Enable easy access. This integration enables single sign-on, so once users log into Canvas, they have access to their Dropbox account.