Integrate your applications across platforms, from simple app-to-app connections to highly flexible integration solutions

IBM App Connect Professional quickly connects data, applications, and endpoints across any location to Dropbox, without writing a single line of code.

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App Connect Professional is IBM’s Cloud Integration Offering which provides an easy to use, flexible solution that responds to the evolving needs of businesses while removing the daunting complexities of integration. Connect to Dropbox and hundreds of other SaaS and on-premise applications with prebuilt connectors. A configuration based approach lets you connect any endpoint across the enterprise with Dropbox, enabling your business to use the cloud without any application, location or user boundaries.

  • Prebuilt connectivity. Blur the application boundary with out-of-the-box connectors to Dropbox and automate the movement of data between any enterprise or SaaS endpoint and Dropbox.
  • Break user roles silos. Let anyone link Dropbox to other applications with ’simple tooling’ for end-users and ’configuration, no-coding’ for developers doing more complex integrations.
  • Take advantage of event and trigger support. Automate syncing of information between Dropbox and other applications.
  • Enable Dropbox functionality from digital applications. Create integration APIs and expose varied data formats like oData. 
  • Flexible pricing. An affordable and cost effective solution for businesses of all sizes.


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