Improve employee productivity and secure access to cloud, mobile, and on-premise apps with a comprehensive identity solution

With Idaptive, Dropbox Business customers can increase end-user productivity and simplify their solution deployment by leveraging single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, and automated user provisioning.

Idaptive delivers Next-Gen Access, protecting organizations from data breaches through a zero trust approach. Idaptive Next-Gen Access is the only industry-recognized solution that uniquely converges single single-on (SSO),adaptive multi-factor authentication (MFA),enterprise mobility management (EMM) and user behavior analytics(UBA). With Idaptive, organizations can elevate their security by intelligently limiting access to only verified users and their validated devices.

  • Secure access through Single Sign-On (SSO). Use SSO to give users access to Dropbox and other applications from any device, using a single user name and password that complies with IT policy.
  • Simplify IT workflows. Automatically route support requests, create user accounts, and revoke access to Dropbox when necessary, all from a central console.  
  • Leverage hassle-free Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Get adaptive, step-up MFA with customized per-app policies. Choose from push notifications, OTP, SMS, email, voice, and more to add an extra layer of security without hassling users. 
  • Take advantage of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM). Gain control of mobile access with integrated EMM. Manage devices, secure native mobile apps and provide context for smarter access decisions.  
  • Centralize Mac management. Manage security policy for Macs, iOS devices, and applications from a single console.