The foundation for secure connections between people and technology

Okta powers Dropbox with modern identity management, streamlining deployment and lifecycle management for IT while giving employees easy access to a tool they love.

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As employees embrace cloud-based applications to drive productivity and collaboration, IT requirements for managing security are changing. Okta’s identity platform meets these needs, offering Dropbox administrators a robust set of tools to simplify user lifecycle operations and quickly deploy Dropbox company-wide. Together, Okta and Dropbox power secure collaboration with advanced security services such as Single Sign-On, Multi-Factor Authentication, and user lifecycle management.

  • Integration with AD/LDAP. Easily extend your existing directory infrastructure to support your Dropbox Business deployment, including multi-domain and multiple-master scenarios.
  • Single sign-on. Provide users with a single platform to access Dropbox and all of your cloud applications, eliminating the need for additional passwords or credentials. Enforce conditional access policies to ensure your users are only accessing Dropbox Business from trusted devices and locations.
  • User lifecycle management. Automate the process of creating, updating, suspending, and deleting users from a single console that integrates with active directory (AD), lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP) and SSO.
  • Groups management. Push and synchronize user membership to groups from AD to Dropbox, enabling intra- and inter-team collaboration, ensuring users have access to their team’s content on day one.
  • Mobility management. Securely enable user access to Dropbox on tablets and smartphones via Dropbox EMM.
  • Enhanced offboarding experience. When deprovisioning for Dropbox Business, remove or suspend users, wipe data from users’ linked devices, and transfer files to other team members.