A complete set of video hosting, marketing, and analytics tools to help you make, share, and sell your videos

Vimeo and Dropbox make it easy to upload videos, collaborate with team members, and share your work. 

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Through Dropbox Extensions, Dropbox integrates with Vimeo to simplify video sharing and reviews. You can easily upload videos to Vimeo directly from your Dropbox account or auto-upload videos stored in a Dropbox folder. From within Dropbox, users can kick off a video review page to annotate video projects as part of the video review process. And you can keep track of your review cycles with the capture of time-coded feedback.

With Dropbox and Vimeo, you can:
  • Quickly access your video content. Upload any video stored in your Dropbox account on the Vimeo upload page or select a Dropbox folder to auto-upload multiple files. 
  • Easily collect feedback. Invite your team members, external collaborators, and clients to annotate your videos directly from the review page created in Dropbox, including popular multimedia formats such as MPG, MP4, and WMV.
  • Keep track of your review cycle. Annotations are time-coded, helping you easily track where you are in the review process so you can move your project forward.