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Vimeo offers a complete set of collaboration, distribution, and marketing tools to help you make, share, and sell your videos.

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Through Dropbox Extensions, Dropbox integrates with Vimeo to simplify video review and publishing. You can easily upload videos to Vimeo directly from your Dropbox account, or auto-upload videos in a Dropbox folder. From Dropbox, users can kick off the video review process and annotate videos with Vimeo’s review tools, or customize how your video looks across the web with Vimeo’s advanced embed tools.

  • Quickly access your video content. Upload any video stored in your Dropbox account, or auto-upload multiple files from a Dropbox folder. 
  • Easily collect feedback. Invite your team members, clients, and any other collaborators to annotate your videos with time-coded comments.
  • Customize your video player. Add custom brand colors, logos, viewer engagement tools, and more to customize how your videos look across the web.