The power to integrate Dropbox with hundreds of other apps to automate your work

Zapier is a flexible automation tool that extends what you can do with Dropbox, connecting it to apps used everyday — like Evernote, Gmail, and Google Drive — and automating tedious tasks in your workflow.

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Zapier lives between Dropbox and your favorite apps, connecting your files, clients, notes, and users across them all. Automations called Zaps can be set up in minutes without any coding experience. Simply pick a Trigger app and event — like adding a new file on Dropbox — and specify the Actions you want Zapier to automatically take in response. From that point on, Zapier will do the work for you, so you never have to copy-paste or import and export again.

  • Keep files at your fingertips. Automatically back up notes, email attachments, and photos from the other tools you use at work. 
  • Get custom alerts via email, chat, or SMS for changes and additions made to your Dropbox folders. 
  • Start projects with new folders. When you kick off a new project, Zapier can turn that info into a new Dropbox folder that's ready for all the files you'll create.
  • Copy your favorite files. Keep a copy of contracts, recordings, and more without having to remember to download them on your own.