SaaS Operations Management, built for the Enterprise

BetterCloud gives Dropbox admins unprecedented visibility and control over Dropbox data, configuration and settings, empowering you to successfully deploy Dropbox Business across your organization

BetterCloud leverages the Dropbox Admin and Audit Log APIs to enforce management and security policies for Dropbox data, settings and licenses. The BetterCloud platform offers Dropbox admins continuous monitoring, alert detection, and the tools to remediate policy violations.

  • Create advanced alerts. With BetterCloud's advanced monitoring capabilities, you can oversee link-sharing activity in Dropbox and send text and email alerts to IT admins when specific activities occur, plus tie them to trigger a series of automated Dropbox admin actions for remediation.
  • Take action on individual and bulk files. The Data Management grid in BetterCloud gives admins the ability to see the title and path for all files and folders across all Dropbox Teams. Admins can make one-off and also bulk actions on files and folders across their team.
  • Automate user on-boarding and off-boarding. With BetterCloud, you can quickly grant new users access to Dropbox Business and specific folders or files relevant to their role, department, or office location. In addition, you can save time and retain data by automatically transferring a user’s Dropbox files to a designated data retention account before fully off-boarding and deleting the user’s account.
  • Assign custom admin roles. By designating custom roles in BetterCloud, organizations no longer need to give all admins full Team Admin access. Delegate and limit the types of actions that admins can take (create, edit, delete) and the types of data they can act on (users, groups, files) in Dropbox.